West Africans were carried into NC by their enslavers as they migrated from Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. West Africans were bought from slave ships docked in Richmond VA, Savannah GA, and Charleston SC by Carolinians. In NC a significant number of Africans came from the Carribean, having been acclimated to the horrors of chattel life there, before import into the colonies/states.>>Read More


Many Europeans came into NC from Virginia, Pennslyvania, and other older colonies. The Kings Highway went from Bostom MA to Charleston SC -- going through New Bern and Wilmington NC. The propensity of Scottish names in eastern NC affirm the massive migration of Highland Scots, starting in 1739. NC has more persons of Scottish ancestry than any other state.>>Read More


The Pee Dee, Suaree, Waxhaw, Burgaw, Yamasee, Eno, Wateree, etc. tribes are no more. Not in their original cultural configurations. The Tuscarora held themselves intact longer than the others. Leaving NC en masse for NY and Canada saved their gene pool and cultural traditions/memory.>>Read More




  • Who wields the power?

  • Who is the 'other'?

  • How do 'Others' band together and identify themselves in the face of oppression?

This varies by time period and geographic location