Joel Walker Cemetery

Rhynes Crossroads Community

West of Burgaw NC at Piney Wood & Horse Branch Road


This cemetery is on the homestead of Joel Walker and Carrie Herring Walker.  Previous members of the family had been buried in the cemetery Herring/Walker Cemetery.  This includes: Carrie's brothers and sister and her uncle;  Joel's sister (Annie Walker Herring); and Joel and Carrie's children who died in infancy.  At the death of the patriarch, Joel Walker, a cemetery was started on his farm, which abuts the Arthur Herring farm.

The Joel Walker homestead was purchased from heirs of Joe L. Merritt.  Joel himself was raised on Rhynes Crossroads; colored and White Walkers moved there in mid-late 1800s.  Carrie also grerw up on Rhynes -- her uncle Arthur Herring had a farm through his Cowan/Collins ancestors.



TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1972Joel Walker1898-1972Son of James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West
 2010Carrie Herring Walker1900-2010Wife of Joel Walker
 2008Willie David 'Bill' Walker1918-2008Son of Joel & Carrie Walker
 2007Ella Tate Walker?-2007Wife of Bill Walker
 2003Tanya Walker1963-2003Daughter of Bill & Ella Walker
 2012Reginald Walker1923-2012Son of Joel & Carrie Walker
 2012Ray Walker1934-2012Son of Joel & Carrie Walker
 1992Arbelvia Walker1930-1992Son of Joel & Carrie Walker
 2005Virginia Herring Walker1932-2005Wife of Arbelvia Walker
 ?Barbara Ann Walker1952-Daughter of Arbelvia & Virginia Walker
 2004Mae Ruth Walker Calloway1941-2004Daughter of Joel & Carrie Walker
 1980Lawrence Calloway1940-1980Husband of Mae Ruth Walker
 2009Carl Calloway1966-2009Son of Mae Ruth Walker & Carl Calloway
 2001Juliette Walker Goodwyn1936-2001Daughter of Joel & Carrie Walker
 2018Virginia Walker Bannerman1926-2018Daughter of Joel & Carrie Walker
 2005Robert Bannerman1936-2005Husband of Virginia Walker
 1972James M. 'Jimmy' Walker1947-1972Son of Virginia Walker
 1995Lawrence Dock Walker1950-1995Son of Virginia Walker
 1997William Tyree1920-1997Husband of Delores Walker. SIL of Joel
 1983Herbert Lamb1935-1983Husband of Delores Walker. SIL of Joel
 2000Arthur Lamb1966-2000Son of Delores Walker & Herbert
 2006Edna Walker1935-2006Wife of Cleveland Walker. DIL of Joel
 1998Raymond L. Walker1978-1998Grandson of Cleveland Walker. Great grand of Joel
 1990Milton Simmons1953-1990Son of Vivian Walker. Grandson of Joel
 1991Theat Jacobs1899-1991Husband of Bernice Walker. SIL of Joel