George R Williams Cemetery

Rhynes Crossroads Community

West of Burgaw NC at Piney Wood & Horse Branch Road


This cemetery is in the front yard of the old George Ransom Williams home, immediately beside Piney Wood Road.  It is just past Rhyne Road, about 1/4 mile from west of Rhyne Crossroad on Piney Wood Road.


TokenBurial YearSorted By Burial Year In Ascending OrderNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1966Callie Sutton Williams-1966Second wife of George R. Williams
 1968Willie R. WIlliams1922-1968Probably son of George R. Williams
 1974George Ransom Williams1880-1974Son of Angus Williams & Polly Eakins. Brother of Jas', Yancy, Doshia, ...