Daisy Merritt Walker Cemetery

Rhynes Crossroads Community

West of Burgaw NC at Piney Wood & Horse Branch Road


This cemetery is behind the home of Daisy Merritt Walker.  Today, it can be found on Rhyne Road, which is populated by the descendants of Pearlie & Daisy Walker, and of Randolph & Liza (Bannerman) Walker.  Heading west from Rhyne Crossroad on Piney Wood Road, Rhyne Road is the first paved road on the right. 

Historically, Willie and Mamie (Herring) Jacobs' home was to the left, the dirt road now known as Rhyne was to the right.  Arthur and Annie (Walker) Herring's dirt road was between Rhynes Crossroads and Daisy/Pearlie/Randolphs's road; farms adjoining.  Behind and adjoining Arthur & Annie was the farm of Joel & Carrie (Herring) Walker. Each of these familie's now have cemeteries on their farms.



TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1985Daisy J. Merritt Walker1895-1985Daughter of Joe Merritt & Minerva Walker. Wife of Pearlie Walker.
 1973Norman Walker1931-1973Son of Pearlie & Daisy Walker
 2012Lucille Walker Moore1918-2012Daughter of Pearlie & Daisy Walker
 1990Joe Moore1903-1990Husband of Lucille Walker Moore
 1988Elijah Moore1909-1988Brother of Joe Moore
 2005Lillie Etta Walker Jacobs1928-2005Daughter of Pearlie & Daisy Walker
 2010David Lucas Jacobs1920-2010Husband of Lillie Walker Jacobs
 1982Julia Geneva Walker Moore1933-1982Daughter of Pearlie & Daisy Walker
 2009Eloyd Moore1925-2009Husband of Geneva Walker Moore
 1995Ernest Walker1926-1995Son of Pearlie & Daisy Walker
 1993Luella Bordeaux1909-1993Daughter of Robert Bordeaux & Lavinia Jacobs
 1988Lillie Mae Bordeaux1913-1988Daughter of Robert Bordeaux & Lavinia Jacobs
 1989Lila Bordeaux1923-1989Daughter of Robert Bordeaux & Lavinia Jacobs