Walkertown Cemetery

Walkertown Road

south side of Highway 53


Arthur Walker and Levy Walker bought adjoining land on the south side of highway 53 coming from Burgaw to Rhynes Crossroad or Wards Corner.  Their descendants -- three generations strong -- still occupy the land now know as 'Walkertown'.  A long row of brick ranch homes face Walkertown Road, gardens and fields across the road and in back of the homes.  Arthur Walker was determined that his people should have a decent burial place so he personally begin clearing a section of land.  Today, he rightfully rests there.

TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1994Arthur Walker1914-1994Son of James Frank & Ann Julia West Walker
 2004Olive L. Walker1913-2004Wife of Arthur Walker
 1986Charles Lindberg Walker1934-1986Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 1997Wilbur Walker1971-1997Son of Charles L. & Lucy M. Walker
 1979William O. Walker1936-1979Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 1972Charles Rayfield Walker1948-1972Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 2016Arthur Raphael Walker 1931-2016Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 2000Mattie Smith Walker1930-200Wife of Arthur Raphael Walker
 2008Arthur R. 'Cannonball' Walker1951-2008Son of Arhur R. Walker & Mattie
 2019Harry Lee Walker1939-2019Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 2005Ruby Parker Walker1948-2005Wife of Harry Lee Walker
 2015Melissa Walker Murray1966-2015Daughter of Harry Lee Walker
 2014Howard N. 'Tanna' Walker1933-2014Son of Arthur & Olive Walker
 2007Patricia Walker Lisane1964-2007Daughter of Howard 'Tanna' Walker
 1986Levy Walker1903-1986Son of James Frank & Ann Julia West Walker
 1995Lennie Moore Walker1906-1995Wife of Levy Walker
 2018Hosea Walker1939-2018Son of Levy & Lennie Walker
 2016Romenia Walker Allen1927-2016Daughter of Levy & Lennie Walker
 2014Hillburn Walker1932-2014Son of Levy & Lennie Walker
 2007Daisy Reaves Walker?-2007Wife of James F. Walker. DIL of Levy