Major Jacobs Cemetery

Moore's Creek area

west of Hwy 421 between Piney Wood Rd & Hwy 53


Heading west on Piney Wood Road from Rhynes Crossroads and New Hope Baptist Church, in five miles one reaches Highway 421.  Major Jacobs homestead is between Piney Wood Road and Hwy 53 on Hwy 421.  The 421/53 crossroads is known as Ward's Corner.  

It appears that family began to be interred on Major Jacobs' place in the 1940s.  These death certificates say 'Jacobs Cemetery'.  Hattie Merritt Jacobs Cemetery did not start until the 1960s at her death.  And the Old Jacobs Cemetery was lost by the 1940s.  When the graves of their ancestors sadly were taken by woods, Major started his own burying ground, and his brother Anguish Jacobs' widow Hattie would follow suit.

Many of these graves need to be verified by an on-site member of Uncle Babe's family.  


TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 ?1958Major Jacobs1876-1958Son of Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams
 ?1969Ella "Sug" Tatum Jacobs1886-1969Wife of Major Jacobs
 ?1978Ivey James Jacobs Sr1897-1978Son of Major Jacobs & Catherine jacobs
 ?1945Queenie Murphy Jacobs1895-1945Wife of Ivey James Jacobs Sr
 ?1975Roscoe Jacobs1918-1975Son of Major Jacobs & Molcy Ann Jacobs
 2015Janice Delilah Jacobs1973-2015Great grand of Major Jacobs
 2018Leola Jacobs1944-2018Daughter of James & Meppie Jacobs. Grand of Major & Catherine Jacobs and Luke & China Jacobs
 2018Charles Ray Jacobs1945-2018Son of Victoria Jacobs. Grandson of Luke & China Jacobs cousins of Major Jacobs
 ?1951Viney Jacobs Bordeaux1884-1951Daughter of James O. Jacobs & Octavia Williams
 ?1966Woodrow Pigford1912-1966Son of Ida Jacobs Pigford, cousin and SIL of Major Jacobs
 1980Emma Jacobs Pigford1912-1980Daughter of China Jacobs, cousin and SIL of Major Jacobs
 2016Foy Carl Pigford1927-2016Son of Woodrow Pigford & Emma Jacobs