Bereavement Notices

Remembering our loved ones who have joined the ancestors


Sally Ann Newkirk 1960-Sept 14, 2023

Sally Ann Newkirk passed September 14, 2023 in North Carolina.

Sally was born & raised on Rhynes Crossroads in Pender County NC.  She was a strong lifelong member of our home church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at the crossroads.  

She was the daughter of Martha 'Snooky' Lamb Newkirk.  Granddaughter of Katie Jacobs Lamb Bordeaux.  Her great-grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt.

A most beautiful disposition, everyone knew and loved Sally.  For those of us who visit Burgaw from out of town, Jackie Jacobs summed it up:  "She was the Burgaw Welcoming Committee. You always felt love."  We loved you , too, Sally.  God rest you.



Gabe Pigford, Jr.- 1957-2023

Gabe Pigford Jr. passed July 31, 2023. 

Father, Gabe Pigford Sr., he was the grandson of Ida Jacobs & Mike Pigford.  His great grandparents were James Owen Jacobs & Octavia Williams.  Great great grandparents: Robert Jacobs & Molcy  Jacobs; James Williams & Celie Costin.



Bertie Jean Jacobs Boney - July 2023

Bertie Jean Jacobs Boney passed July 26, 2023. 

Sweet like honey. Steadfast like a stream. Strong like a willow.  And accompanied side-by-side every step by the staunch Steve Boney.  Bertie gracefully handled illness her way.  We are grateful for her example.  And shattered at our loss.

Bertie Jean Jacobs was the daughter of Harvey Jacobs and Bertie Manuel.  Her paternal grandparents were Charlie Oscar Jacobs & Geneva Williams. Enos Jacobs & Almira Goodman; Solomon L. Williams & Frances E. Jacobs were her great-grandparents.

On her maternal side her grandparents were Alonzo Manuel & Sally Winn.  Alvin Manuel & Anna Brewington; Edward Winn & Sally Henderson were her great-grandparents.

Funeral is Thursday, August 3, 2023 at 11:00.  Howell Funeral Home and Crematory in Goldsboro.  

When some of our family formed the Coharie tribe late 1800s/early 1900s Uncle Solomon Williams, (married to Frances E. Jacobs daughter of Samuel Jacobs, from our land) and his family joined the tribe.

Later they pulled out.  ‘Church stuff’, so I heard.  But three of his daughters – Myrtie, Theodora, Geneva – had married men who were stalwarts in the tribe.  Myrtie married Reuben Goodman.  Theodora married his nephew, Harley Goodman.  Geneva married Charlie Oscar Jacobs – son of Enos Jacobs & Almira Goodman.

The three daughters and their families remained in the tribe while their ten siblings did not.  As the Coharie put distance between themselves and their browning relatives, the families did not associate.  We lost them.

About twenty years ago we reconnected with Cousin Geneva Williams Jacobs’ family.  They had browned, too, and were no longer counted as Coharie. 

As you know, we HATE to lose people.  Finding Bertie Jacobs Boney, her brothers, her cousin Erthel Hines was such a gift to us.  Compounded by the fact that they are lovely people and it immediately felt like we had known them forever.  This family has been our late life ‘treat’.  Our special blessing.  We will miss Bertie.



J.W. (James Washington) Mainor 1940-2023

J.W. Mainor passed this morning May 16, 2023. 

Well-known in Sampson, Duplin & Pender counties, J.W., his brother George, his sister Lou Nell were their generation's proprietars of Rose Hill Funeral Home in Duplin County NC.

JW was the son of James Washington Mainor Sr. and Etlar Monk.  His grandmother was Idella Mainor. Great grandparents: John Olin Mainor & Delilah West.  Great great grandparents:  Reuben Mainor & Elizabeth Manuel; Alex West & Mary Rich. 

A tireless worker and consistent friend & family member, JW enjoyed good health until the end.

Funeral is Friday, May 19 at noon.  New Christian Chapel Church, Rose Hill NC. Visitation Thursday, May 18 5:00-7:00, Rose Hill Funeral Home.





Willie Samuel Jacobs March 24, 2023

Willie Samuel Jacobs 'Sam' 'Jake' entered into rest Friday night, March 24, 2023.

Sam was the son of Willie Henry Jacobs and Mamie G. Herring.  His grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt; Arthur C. Herring & Annie S. Walker.  Great grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; Joe L. Merritt & Mary Minerva Walker; Rachel Herring & Geo. W. Collins;  James F. Walker & Ann Julia West.  Strong PenderROCK roots.

An Aggie, an engineer, he served his country in Korea and Vietnam and made the army his first career.  As a lieutenant colonel he lived in many places around the country and world.  Cursed with Jacobs work ethic, upon retiring he completed a second career as an engineer for GM in Detroit.  Retiring a second time, he began buying and renting houses in Detroit.  He felt the pull of Burgaw and moved Home -- residing in Wilmington these past years.  Upon arrival he immediately bought a trailer park and proceeded to upgrade and manage it.  ......if my uncle was really bad at anything, it was retiring.

Amidst making work for himself, Sam Jacobs was also loyal to his huge extended family.  His siblings could always count on him in helping with their parents, later managing the inherited property, and -- most importantly -- supporting cousins in their times of grief and joy.  Sam showed up.  Even if none of his siblings could get Home.  

He will rest in the family cemetery at Rhynes Crossroads out from Burgaw NC.  The hundred-year-old cemetery he made sure was deeded separately and properly to not be forgotten & lost in the future.  The cemetery whose maintenance he managed until recent years.

My brothers' statement was: "If anybody deserves to rest in that cemetery, its Uncle Sam".  Amen.




Emma Walker Swinson - Feb 7, 2023

Emma Walker Swinson celebrated her 98th birthday with her children and grandchildren in Burgaw on Monday. Then she went Home on Tuesday.

Emma was the daughter of Albert Walker and Lenora Merritt.  Her grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West; Joe Louis Merritt & Mary Minerva Walker.  Great grandparents: John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs; Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt; Malvin Merritt & Sarah Jane Williams; William R. Walker & Patsey Bordeaux.  

She was PenderROCK through and through, and was one of the few in her generation on this side.



Nigel Walker - December 11, 2022

Nigel Walker, passed on December 11, 2022 in Atlanta, after a brief illness.  He was thirty-eight years old.  

Reunion attendees may remember Nigel as a child & teen, coming with his mother Debbie Walker.  Debbie and her siblings Maurice, Adolphus and Lottie were regular attendees.  Lottie (Walker Caffee) was on the board for years.

Nigel was the grandson of Levy Walker; great grandson of James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West.  He was also a beloved member of the family of Pearlie Walker & Daisy Merritt Walker.


Oliver A. Jacobs Jr. - Nov 26, 2022

Oliver Augustus Jacobs Jr., passed on November 26, 2022 in Virginia.  He was fifty-two years old.  He contracted malaria during a trip aboad.

"Ollie" was the son of Oliver A. Jacobs Sr. and Ida Gibson.  His sister Jill Jacobs Lee has hosted PenderROCK reunion twice in recent years. Many of you know her.

His paternal grandparents were Willie Henry Jacobs and Mamie G. Herring.  Great grandparents: Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt; Arthur Herring & Annie Walker.

His maternal grandmother was Lila Mae Mainor.  Her grandparents were John Olin Mainor and Delilah West.

Arrangements are pending.


Leondus D. 'L.D.' Melvin - Nov 20, 2022

"L.D." (Leondus D.) Melvin, of Clinton, Sampson County passed on November 20, 2022

L.D. was the son of Ruth Williams Melvin. His grandfather was Charlie Elmer Williams.  Great grandparents: Solomon Lofton Williams & Frances Emeline Jacobs.



Tina J. Herring - Nov 16, 2022

Tina Jelene Herring, of Pender County passed on November 16, 2022

Tina  was the daughter of James Thomas 'Buddy Boy' Herring. Her grandmother was Lydia 'Lydie' Jacobs. Great grandparents: Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt.

She will rest in Jacobs Cemetery AKA Messick Cemetery.



Benjie Everett & Dante Harris - April 2022


We lost another young man this weekend.  It was a few short weeks ago that Dante Harris (Carrie & Joel Walker's great grandson; Bernice Walker Jacobs White's grandson; Frances 'Cookie' Harris' son) left us unexpectedly of natural causes. Early 40s.

Now I am sad to convey that Benjie Everett, the son of Ara Gwendolyn Jacobs Everett; grandson of George W. & Lummie Jacobs; great grandson of Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt has joined his ancestors.  Again, suddenly of natural causes. Mid-40s.

We know not the minute nor the hour......



Edith Herring Blackshear (Jacobs) - March 2022

Edith Herring Blackshear, of  Pender County passed this week.

Edie was the daughter of Lydia ("Lydie") Jacobs & John Quincy Herring.  She spent her life 'on Cypress' (creek) in Pender County NC -- the land her Jacobs ancestors have inhabitated since the early 1800s.  She was a faithful lifelong member of the family church -- New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Piney Woods Road in the Rhynes Crossroad community.  

Her grandparents were Anguish Jacobs and Hattie Merritt. Great grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams, Joe Louis Merritt & Mary Minerva Walker.

Edie will be celebrated on Saturday April 2 at 2:00 pm at New Hope.  She will rest on Cypress in the Jacobs' Cemetery with her siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, and grandmother.




Ruth Williams Green (Jacobs) - Jan 2022

Ruth Williams Green, of Portsmouth VA passed on Sunday.

Ruth was the daughter of Edie Jacobs. She grew up 'on Cypress' (creek) in Pender County NC, raised by her grandmother Hattie Merritt Jacobs.  As a girl, she walked through the woods to Piney Woods Road at Rhynes Crossroad to attend New Hope Baptist Church and Love Grove School with her cousins.  In her golden years, she used to love to recount how her uncle Deacon Willie H. Jacobs would take his hands and smear the lipstick from lips to face of any of his nieces who dared to wear forbidden makeup.  Daring and beautiful, Ruth often had her lipstick on her cheeks after she passed 'Uncle Willie'.   She loved this story.  I would always think Granddad was a 'a bit much'.  But what a wonderful example of recognizing good intent -- even though the actions expressing it may be questionable.  Of understanding.  And forgiving.

As a young woman Ruth moved to Portsmouth to her mother Edie Jacobs Willias Bryant, Aunt Lillie Jacobs Coleman, and the host of cousins who had created PenderROCK Tidewater community.  There she married and had Anne, Jimmy, Yvonne, Iola & Viola.

We had Ruth for eighty eight years.  We unite to lift up her children in prayer. It's never easy. But we all know that she earned her rest.



Pauline Walker Jones - Dec 2021

With love and sadness, we report the transiton of Pauline Walker Jones in Pender County NC.

Pauline and her sisters were the Three Musketeers of family reunion attendance, and general family support. "Pauline, Eveline, and Gracie" have been a beautiful sight to behold and experience.  We were just lifting Eveline up in prayer, but Pauline made the transition.

Pauline grew up on Rhynes Crossroads in Pender County NC. She was the daughter of Randolph Walker and Eliza Bannerman.  Her PenderROCK grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West.  Great grandparents: John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs; Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.

Please hold her children and her loving sisters in prayer.


Lottie Walker Caffee 1939-2021

Another light has dimmed. Lottie Grace Walker Caffee slept peacefully away yesterday.

Lottie was the daughter of Adolphus Walker & Lolemuel Pearsall. Her grandparents were Pearlie Franklin Walker & Daisy Merritt. Great grandparents James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West, Joe Louis Merritt & Mary Minerva Walker.

Lottie grew up in the Rhynes Crossroad Community in Pender County. Her adult life was in the Detroit area. She was a valued member of the PenderROCK board for years -- helping to present the reunion each year.

We loved her for being down-to-Earth, funny, matter-of-fact, and wise. We will miss Lottie.


Annie Lee "Honey" Walker Trapp 1932-2021

Annie Lee Walker Trapp transitioned October 23, 2021. Cousin ‘Honey’ was the daughter of James Franklin Walker II and Daisy Corbett. James F. Walker II was the son of John Lee Walker & Hattie Bessie Messick. John Lee was the son of James F. Walker I and Ann Julia West. Hattie Messick, was the daughter of Margaret Messick & Joe Jacobs, and her maternal grandmother was Eliza Caroline Jacobs Messick.

Cousin Honey and her sister Cousin Evelina Walker were regulars at Walkertown. They are close-kin to the Walkers that just joined PenderROCK last week. Funeral arrangements are pending.

#FunFact. Hattie Bessie Messick (Jacobs) Walker was a midwife

Hattie Merritt Jacobs Messick was a midwife


Charles 'Monk' Newton 1965-2021

Charles ‘Monk’ Newton passed on Saturday. He was the son of Lena Grace Herring; she was the daughter of Lydia Grace Jacobs & John Quincy Herring. ‘Lydie’ was the daughter of Anguish Jacobs and Hattie Merritt Jacobs Messick.

The burial will be Sunday at the Jacobs Family Cemetery on Cypress Creek, near the Penderlea area out from Burgaw town. (See Dunn Funeral Home of Burgaw website for the arrangements)

Four generations of Jacobs are buried in this particular cemetery. The surrounding woods hold the remains of Jacobs stretching back to the early 1800s. This is the nexus of southeastern NC Jacobs. All SE NC Jacobs started in this physical spot.


James Franklin Walker 1934-2021

A quiet giant accepted the call to rest.

Frank Walker passed yesterday, August 13, 2021.  Frank was a lifetime resident of the Walkertown community in Pender County.  Walkertown is the adjoining land purchased by brothers Arthur & Levy Walker. Where they raised their children and grandchildren.  There are now four generations beyond Uncle Arthur & Uncle Levy.

Frank was the son of Levy Walker and Lennie Moore. He was the grandson of James Franklin Walker I & Ann Julia West; the great grandson of John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs and Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.

We will keep Walkertown in prayer.



Juanita Williams Jones - June 2021


Leroy Jacobs, Carlotta Murphy - April 2021


Carrie 'Nina' Messick - January 2021


Walkertown - February 2021


Barbarene Williams Boykins - February 2021


Josephine Merritt - December 2020


Eugene Mainor - December 2020


Alcora Maynor - December 2020


Lillie Jacobs Coleman - June 2020


Evelina Walker - June 2020


Jacob Simmons - May 2020


Jean Davis - July 2020


Delores Williams Sidbury - April 2020


Alberta Wheeler Robinson - April 2020


Hezekiah Jacobs - August 2019


Delores Shaw Hayes - April 2019


JaQuil Fennell - June 2019


Sheila Jacobs, Mamie Fleming - March 2019


Daphine Jacobs Goodwyn - December 2018


Hosea Walker, Junior Bryant - September 2018


Joyce McMillan - July 2018


Kathy Herring - July 2018


Virginia Walker, Charles Jacobs, Ivey Williams - October 2018


Edna Carlton - May 2017


Joel D. Walker - January 2017


Billy West, Josephine Merritt, Ernestine Williams, Richard Davis - Oct 2017


'Rat' Walker & Janie Newkirk - June 2016


Marcus Jacobs & Jennie West - June 2016


Romenia Walker Allen - December 2016


Lounell Mainor - October 2016


Adolphus Walker - September 2016


Eddie Jacobs - November 2016


Hattie Lamb Jacobs - June 2016


Edna Maynor & Jabari Walker - March 2016


Bert Wheeler - March 2013


Lucille Walker Moore & Ulysses Williams - Jan 2012


Carey Speller, Jr. - Feb 2013


Trayvon Martin - March 2012


Early Williams & Ruth Walker - April 2012


Lillie Walker Jacobs & Jenny West - Feb 2005


Alonzo West & James Ernest Jacobs - April 2005


Lizzie Merritt Corbett Small June 08, 2014

Elizabeth Merritt Corbett Smalls died Sunday June 8, 2014, 2014 in Burgaw, NC.  She lived 'on Cypress' -- the ancestral home of the Jacobs since the 1700s.

Lizzie was the daughter of McKinley 'Tink' Merritt & Blanche Jacobs Merritt.  Her grandparents were Dock Merritt & Annie Jacobs Merritt, and Major Jacobs & Molcy Ann Jacobs.  Her great-grandparents were Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker Merritt; Anguish Jacobs & Ella Mills Jacobs; Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams Jacobs; James Owen Jacobs & Octavia Williams Jacobs.

The funeral was Saturday June 14 in Burgaw, NC.



Hilburn 'Bip' Walker - June 13, 2014

Hilburn 'Bip' Walker died Friday, June 13, 2014 in Baltimore MD.

'Bip' was the son of Levy Walker and Lennie Moore Walker.  His grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker, and Robert Moore & Mary Brooks.  His great-grandparents were John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs; Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt West; Archie Moore & Annie Walker.

Funeral will be 11:00 AM Saturday June 21 at Maple Hill Deliverance Center, Maple Hill. Burial in Walkertown Cemetery, Burgaw NC.


Geraldine Mainor West - Nov 26, 2013

Geraldine Mainor West  passed unexpectedly on November 26, 2013 in Durham NC. She was the daughter of James Franklin Mainor, granddaughter of Council Mainor and Annie West Mainor, great-granddaughter of Bronson Mainor & Esther West, Albert West & Louise Johnson.  She was the widow of James McArthur West, who was the son of James Gibson West, grandson of William Preston West, great-grandson of Gibson West & Malinda Merritt.  She was a great example of the Sampson people!


Queen Etta Merritt Hinton - Nov 23, 2013

Queen Etta Merritt Hinton passed on November 23, 2013 in Philadelphia PA where she spent her adult life.  Queen was born in Burgaw NC on April 27, 2013 to Joe Louis 'Buddy' Merritt, Jr. and Ollie Pigford Merritt.  Her paternal grandparents were Joe Louis Merritt, Sr. and Mary Minerva Walker Merritt.  Great grandparents: Malvin Merritt & Sarah Jane Williams Merritt; William Robert Walker & Patsy Bourdeaux. 


Lethia Vernetta Jacobs Towns - Dec 6, 2013

Lethia Jacobs Towns passed in her sleep the night of Dec 4-5, 2013 at her home in Burgaw NC.  Born and raised in Burgaw, she spent much of her adult life in Los Angeles and Lake Elsinore CA.  She 'retired' back to Burgaw in 1979 to care for her mother.  'Retirement' meaning taking on a host of civic and family responsibilities; and buying & managing Burgaw's Laundromat.  She was known and loved across Pender County.

She was predeceased by her devoted husband Henry 'Hank' Towns two years ago.

Lethia was the daughter of Willie Henry Jacobs and Mamie G. Herring Jacobs.  Her grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt Jacobs, Arthur C. Herring and Annie Walker Herring.  Great-grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; Joe Louis Merritt & Mary Minerva Walker Merritt; James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker.

The funeral will be Saturday December 14, 2013 1:00 at the family church, New Hope Baptist Church in Burgaw.   Visitation is 4:00-7:00 at Dunn Funeral Hone in Burgaw and one hour before the service.


Gloria Washington Wallace - Sept 27, 2013

Gloria Washington Wallace passed yesterday in Texas, where she had lived the last few years near her daughter.

Gloria grew up in the Rhyne Crossroad community near Burgaw NC in Pender County.  Her adult life was spent in Yanceyville, NC.

She was the daughter of Lethia Herring Frederick of Rhyne Crossroad & New York City. She was raised by her loving grandparents, Arthur C. Herring and Annie Walker Herring.  Her great-grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker.

The memorial service will be Saturday, October 5th, 11:00 AM, at Yanceyville Missionary Baptist Church, Yanceyville NC.


Davina Ratcliff - June 12, 2012

Davina Ratcliff (age 32) was killed by a truck on Wednesday Morning, June 12, 2013

Davina was the daughter of  Ethel Mae  Ratcliff and the late David Ratcliff, the granddaughter of Pernell & Jessie Mae Palmer.  Her great-parents were our esteemed elder, Alice Mae Williams, and the Late Bishop Marley Calvin Williams.  She was a descendant of Sol Williams and Frances Jacobs Williams,

The funeral will be held on Monday, June 17, 2013  at the Cheraw Family Worship Center  Route 9, Cheraw, SC  29520 at 1:00 P.M.


Leo Bellamy - June 14, 2013

Leo Bellamy died unexpectedly today at his home in North Carolina.  Leo, the identical twin of Leon Bellamy, was the son of William Bellamy, Jr. and Mildred Mainor.  His paternal grandmother was Blanche Walker Bellamy; great grandparents James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West.  On his mother side, he was grandson of John Olin Mainor and the great grandson of Idella Mainor, great great grandson of Delilah West and John Olin Mainor I.

Wake. Dunn Funeral Home
Thursday, June 20, 2013
Viewing 5 pm-6 pm
Wake 6 pm-7 pm

Funeral. St Peter AME Zio Church 
Friday, June 21, 2013
12 Noon
St. Peter AME Zion Church
617 Queens Street
New Bern, NC  28560

Riverview Cemetery
Watha, NC

Middle District Baptist Association
1825 NC Highway 53 West
Burgaw, NC


Bashie Francis Tatum Butler - March 24, 2013

Bashie Francis Tatum Butler passed in Wayne County, North Carlolina March 24, 2013.

She was the daughter of Sarah Francis Williams, granddaughter of Solomon Williams and Frances Jacobs.  Her great grandparents were William H. Williams & Eliza Manuel; Sam Jacobs & Mary Barefoot.


Flossie Jacobs Hayes Jones Dewar - Dec 21, 2012

Flossie Jacobs Hayes Jones Dewar passed Friday, December 21, 2012 'on Cypress' -- in the community her ancestors have lived since the 1700s.

Flossie Mae was the daughter of Blanche Jacobs and her husband McKinley Merritt ('Tink').

Her grandparents were Major Jacobs and Molcy Ann Jacobs; Dock Merritt and Annie Jacobs.  Great-grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; James Owen Jacobs & Octavia Williams; Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker; Anguish Jacobs & Ella Mills.

Funeral is expected to be Thursday December 27 at the family church, New Hope Baptist Church.



Oliver A. Jacobs Sr. Nov 25, 2012

Oliver Augustus Jacobs, Sr. passed from labor to reward in his sleep Sunday, November 25, 2012. He had enjoyed his Thanksgiving holiday -- giving thanks, no doubt, for the years of grace God had granted him. At PenderROCK 2012 in September, Uncle Oliver was a force of joy, zipping around in his motorized wheelchair. He hugged all babies & elders, told jokes with his peers, played cards late into the night, and closed the picnic on Sunday. He was immensely proud of his daughter, Ida Jillayne Jacobs Lee, hosting the reunion; and his daughter & son-in-law Dr.s Jackie Jacobs and Pink Wimbish delivering the diabetes presentation. And of his namesake: infant Oliver A. Jacobs III, son of "Ollie".

Oliver Jacobs was the son of Willie Henry Jacobs and Mamie Gertrude Herring Jacobs. His grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt; Arthur Herring & Annie Walker. Great-grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker; James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West. His wife, Ida Gibson Jacobs, is of the Rose Hill/Magnolia community and is appreciative of your  prayers.



Ray Walker - July 19, 2012

Ray Walker (aged 77) passed on July 19, 2012 in Burgaw NC, less than a month after his brother Reginald.  He was the son of the late Carrie Herring Walker and Joel Walker. His grandparents were James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker. Great-grandparents John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs, Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.

Funeral is Monday, July 23 at New Hope Baptist Church, Burgaw NC. 11:00.

Since Aunt Carrie's homegoing in January 2011 at age 110, the family has lost her daughter Juliette, granddaughter Barbara, son Reginald, and son Ray.  Please keep them in your prayers.


James McKinley "Nunnie" Merritt - July 3, 2012

McKinley Merritt died July 3, 2012 in Portsmouth VA.  Known affectionately as "Nunnie" he was raised 'on Cypress' Creek, the ancestral home of his Jacobs forebearers.  Nunnie was the son of McKinley "Tink" Merritt & Blanche Jacobs Merritt.  His grandparents were Dock Merritt & Annie Jacobs; and Major and Molsy Ann Jacobs.  Great-grandparents: Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker; Anguish Jacobs & Ella Mills; Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; James Owen Jacobs & Octavia Williams.  He was PenderROCK through & through.

Nunnie attended many of the reunions in North Carolina until recent years.  We shall keep his family in our prayers.

Funeral is Monday, July 9, 2012 at 11am. Metropolitan Funeral Service Chapel 5605 Portsmouth Boulevard Portsmouth VA.  Interment will be 'on Cypress' in McKinley Merritt Cemetery. 


Reginald Walker - April 22, 2012

Reginald Walker (aged 89) passed on April 22, 2012 in Burgaw NC, after a lengthy illness. He was the son of the late Carrie Herring Walker and Joel Walker. His grandparents were James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker. Great-grandparents John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs, Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.


Joe Louis Herring - March 10, 2012

Joe Louis Herring passed unexpectedly on March 10, 2012 at his home in Colorado Springs, CO.

Joe Louis was the son of Viola Jacobs Herring and Joe Ed Herring. His grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt Jacobs.  Great-grandparents:  Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker.

Joe Louis was a great guy, loved by all.  He attended PenderROCK reunion, despite the physical distance. He kept his head up and his faith strong, despite losing all six of his adult children over the past fifteen years.  Gina, passed just last June.   Joe Louis remains an inspiration to us all.

Please keep his widow, Lorraine Herring in your thoughts and prayers. 


Hortense Wheeler Adams - March 2012

Hortense Wheeler Adams passed last week, March 2012 in Philadelpha, PA.

Hortense was the daughter of William Wheeler, granddaughter of Joseph T. Wheeler and Victoria Carroll, and the great-granddaughter of Jonathan Wheeler and Mary Manuel


Joseph Randolph West - Feb 28, 2012

Randolph West died unexpectedly at home on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 in Delway, Sampson County NC. 

Randolph was the son of Josephus West, the late esteemed elder of the West Family Reunion.  His grandfather was Julius West.  Great grandparents James West & Mary Merritt.

Funeral arrangements by Rose Hill Funeral Home, descendants of Delilah West (James' sister) and John Ollen Mainor.


Cousin Leon Robinson

On Wed. morning cousin Leon Robinson passed away in Durham, NC. He was the son of Charlie Robinson Jr. The grandson of the late Roberta West Cromartie and the great grandson of late Garland West. Please keep the family in your prayers.


Cousin Gary West

Gary Lee West, Jr. (34) died tragically on January 7th.
He was the son of Gary Lee West Sr., grandson of Eddie West.  His great-grandfather was William Joe West, and his great-great grandparents were Gibson West and Malinda Merritt.


Betty West Crosby - Sept 21 2011

Betty West Crosby passed away on September 21, 2011 in Fayetteville, NC

She was the daughter of Willie & Bertha West.  Her grandparents were Robert West and Viola West.  Great-grandparents: Isaiah West & Hettie Mainor; Gibson West & Malinda Merritt.

Funeral will be Sunday 1 pm at St. Thomas AME Zion Church, Roseboro,N.C. 



Juliette Walker Goodwyn - July 30, 2011

Juliette Walker Goodwyn passed suddenly on July 30, 2011.  She was the daughter of the late Carrie Herring Walker and Joel Walker.  Her grandparents were James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.  Great-grandparents John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs, Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.

Early in life, she was married to Frederick Goodwyn (1931-2010) -- my Daddy's brother.  She was predeceased by her daughter Yvette Goodwyn Branch in 2009.  Although an aneurysm confined her to a wheelchair in the early 1970s, Juliette maintained an active and supportive love for her broad family.   She visited her mother, Carrie, often.  She always remembered her siblings with Christmas and birthday cards and gifts.  She was a regular attendee of PenderROCK.  Although unable to work, she poured her energy and resources back into her beloved family.

We are requesting your prayers for her daughter, Vernetta Goodwyn Blount, and son, Donnell Goodwyn, as they have mourned a sister, father, and now mother in consecutive years..

The funeral will be Friday August 5 at 11:00 AM, New Hope Baptist Church, Burgaw NC. 




Gina Herring - June 29, 2011

Gina Marie Herring 47, passed away unexpectedly June 29, 2011 at her home in Colorado Springs, Co. She was born October 12, 1963 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to the union of Joe Louis and Lorraine (Gittens) Herring.

Proceeded in death by her siblings, Jose Herring, Debra Carmen, Robert Herring, Donna Martin, Daniel Herring. She was employed by the City of Colorado Springs as a City Planner for the last 20 years. Also this month was her graduation from College. She enjoyed Art and Drawing, Collecting of Dolls, and spending time with her family.

She leaves to cherish her family: Son Dario D. Herring, Parents Joe and Lorraine Herring, Daughter in law Krisann Herring, Uncles Robert Herring, Wilbert Herring, and a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation will be held from 4:00 to 7:00pm. July 5, 2011 at the Angelus Funeral Directors, 1104 S. Circle Dr. Funeral Services 11:00. Wednesday July 6, 201 Angelus Funeral Directors. Interment Evergreen Cemetery

Gina was the daughter of Joe Louis Herring, the granddaughter of Joe Ed Herring and Viola Jacobs Herring. Her great-grandparents were Anguish Jacobs and Hattie Merritt Jacobs.


Jerome Peterson April 26, 2011

Thank you for your prayers for the Peterson family durign Jerome Peterson's illness.  Jerome Peterson passed away this week.

Jerome was the son of Joyce Dunkley Peterson; grandson of Jessie Bell Walker Dunkley.  His great-grandparents were Lofton Walker and Rosa Wheeler Walker.


Saturday April 30, 2010
10 am
St Marks Episcopal Church Park Ave. Plainfield, NJ



      Mrs. Arline Wilson Walker 61 of 590 Walkertown Road,Burgaw

Arline was the wife of Elijah Gerthell Walker . Elijah is the son of the late Olive Louise and Reverend Arthur Walker,Sr. Decendant of James Franklin and Ann Julia West Walker.

Dunn Funeral Home - Burgaw

Visitation and Wake Tuesday March 29, 2011 from 6pm-7pm

Funeral Services : Miracle Temple,Burgaw March 30 ,2011

Burial : Walker Family Cemetery



Mary Lou "Honey" Jacobs

Mary Lou "Honey" Lamb Jacobs slept away on Sunday February 27, 2010 in Pender County NC.  True to her nickname, she sweetly and strongly dealt with illness during the past year.

Honey was raised in the Rhynes Crossroad Community, out from Burgaw in Pender County NC -- amidst her PenderROCK cousins.  She was the  daughter of Katie Jacobs Lamb and William Richard Lamb.  Her grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt Jacobs.  Great-grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker.

Her husband of fifty years was the late James Ernest Jacobs, son of John Devro Jacobs, grandson of John Henry Jacobs, great-grandson of Taylor Jacobs.

One of her siblings (Hattie) married a Jacobs (Ivey James); another (Herbert) married a Walker (Delores).  They were a true PenderROCK family.

The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Burgaw, NC. Burial will be at Lakes Chapel Cemetery, Atkinson.

Please keep the family in your prayers.


Charles Speller -- January 22 2011

Charles Speller passed on January 22, 2011.  Charles and his wife Doris have been steadfast supporters of PenderROCK since we 'found each other' in the late 1990s.

Charles was a descendant of Hanson Walker, who was brother to James Franklin Walker.  James Franklin Walker was the father of most PenderROCK Walkers: Joel, Arthur, Albert, Annie, Blanchie, Pearlie, etc.  Charles' mother Alberta Walker Speller was first cousin to Joel, etc.

We are surprised and saddened.  We already miss him.  He had a calm, generous spirit and we knew that we would experience it at least once a year.  No matter where the reunion was, Charles would be there! 

Services will be Friday January 28 at 11:00 AM in Charlotte area:
Crown Memorial Park
9620 Rodney Street
Pineville NC 28134

Doris Speller
15951 Glen Miro Drive
Huntersville NC 28078



Carrie Etta Herring Walker 9/30/1900-01/08/2011

Carrie Etta Herring Walker successfully completed a long mission here on Earth, Saturday January 08, 2011.

She was born September 30, 1900 to Julia Herring.  Her grandmother was Rachel Herring; grandfather Murdock Gibson.  Siblings: Berta Herring, C.J. Herring, Haston Herring, Eddie Tate & Lila Mae Tate.

She was reared by her maternal uncle Arthur Herring, and his wife Annie Walker Herring.  Carrie Herring married Joel Walker on May 20, 1917.  He was Annie's brother.  From age eigtheen to forty-four, she bore seventeen children.  Thirteen survived childhood: Bill, Cleveland, Reginald, Virginia, Bernice, Arbelvia, Vivian, Ray, Juliette, Delores, Mae Ruth, Carl, Esther.  Nine of her children survive her, aged sixty-six to eighty-seven.  She has literally hundreds of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, and a great-great-great-grandchild.

As part of one of PenderROCK's largest and most inter-connected families (Husband Joel Walker had fourteen siblings.  His grandparents were a Walker, a Jacobs, a West, and a Merritt) Carrie Walker leaves still more hundreds of loving relatives.

As one of the olderst persons in the state, and one of the sweetest in the world, Carrie Herring Walker was cherished by all of Pender County.  She will be mourned across the county.

Most importantly, she was and continues to be a beacon pointing us all to a steadfast, personal relationship with God, and a life that exhibits that relationship.

She did not suffer a lengthy illness.   She didn't feel well last week. She was taken to the hospital.  She revived and began to talk to people and sing to God -- her normal behavoir.  She felt fine.  Literally, she sang "Come by here, Lord.  Come by here!"

...and her God heard her.


Eloise Williams Jacobs 12-18-2010

Eloise Williams Jacobs, of Burgaw, passsed on December 18, 2010. She was the daughter of Walter Williams and Sally Jacobs Williams.  Her grandparents were Pender Williams & Ella Holmes; John Henry Jacobs & Lou Merritt.

She was married to James Robert Jacobs, son of James Jacobs (Major Jacobs & Catherine Jacobs) and Meppie Jacobs (Luke Jacobs & China Jacobs).


Lena Herring - Dec. 3, 2010

Lena Herring, of the Cypress Creek community in Pender County NC, passed Friday December 3, 2010.

Lena was the daughter of John Quincy Herring and Lydia Jacobs Herring.  Her grandparents were Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt Jacobs.  Great-grandparents: Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams Jacobs; Joe Merritt & Minerva Walker Merritt. 



Ammie Jacobs -- 5/7/1908-11/7/2010

Ammie Jacobs, 102 CLINTON — Mr. Ammie Jacobs, 102, of 1231 Indian Town Road, died Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010 at Sampson Regional Medical Center.

The funeral will be held at 3 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10, at New Bethel Baptist Church with the Rev. Terry Cummings officiating. Burial will follow in the church cemetery.

Mr. Jacobs, a native of Sampson County, was the son of the late John Jacobs and Alberta Jacobs Jacobs and was the widower of Themia Irene Simmons Jacobs. He was predeceased by three brothers and five sisters. He retired from Lundy Packing after 20 years of service. Surviving are eight children, Dorla Jacobs Ammons and her late husband, William Ammons of Clinton, Gordon “Gordie” Jacobs and wife, Elizabeth of Clinton, Shirley Jacobs Carter and her late husband, Richard Carter Jr. of Warsaw, Sonja Jacobs Tyler and husband, Elwood, Phyllis Bryant and husband, James, Gregory Jacobs and wife, Julia, Kent Jacobs and wife, Tammy and Jimmy Faircloth and wife, Gladys, all of Clinton; 14 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren; 12 great-great-grandchildren; and many nieces, nephews and friends.

The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 9, at New Bethel Baptist Church and at other times at the home. Memorials may be made to New Bethel Baptist Church, 1165 Mt. Moriah Church Road, Clinton, NC 28328. Read more: The Sampson Independent - Obituaries for Tuesday Nov 9

Cousin Ammie was a pillar in the Coharie Indian community.  He was always actively sought out his Pender County kin.  He visited my grandfather Willie Henry Jacobs regularly.  Born one year apart (1907 & 1908) the two elders would sit and visit -- and encourage us to explore and relish our kinship.  Reflecting the generations of marriage between the counties, Ammie Jacobs' mother, Albert Jacobs, descends up through Enos, Archibald, Peter, to Primus Jacobs -- our Pender County resident and ancestor.  His father, John Robert Jacobs was the son of Owen Henry Jacobs of Pender County.  Owen Jacobs left Pender after the Civil War and joined his Sampson County cousins who were forming the tribe which became known as Coharie.


Kathy Manuel - Nov 1, 2010

When life's work has finished, death is as beautiful and as natural as the flowers that bloom in spring. On Nov. 1, 2010, Kathy LaFran Manuel slipped away into a heavenly rest at Regional Memorial Hospital in Richmond, Va.

She is preceded in death by her father, David Manuel and two brothers, Vincent Manuel and Michael Manuel. She leaves to cherish her loving memory her three children, Kevin, Jewel and Vincent; her sweetheart, Randy; mother, Margaret Manuel; three sisters, Eleanor Johnson of Goldsboro, Valerie Taylor (Jeff), Nicole Manuel of Atlanta, Ga.; an honoree sister, Rhonda Robinson (Ernest) of Lantana, Texas; two brothers David Manuel, Jr. (Carmen) of Tampa, Fla. and Charles Manuel of the home; two uncles, Harvey Jacobs (Shirley), Kennon Jacobs (Joyce); an aunt, Dorothy Jacobs (late Charles Jacobs); special aunt, Bertie Boney (Steve) of Goldsboro; a host of nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Kathy was the daughter of David Manuel; granddaughter of Harvey Jacobs & Bertie Manuel; great-granddaughter of Charlie Oscar Jacobs & Geneva Williams.


Dorothy (Dot') Messick Merritt - Oct 27, 2010

We lost a PenderROCK stalwart this week on Wednesday October 27, 2010 -- Dot' Merritt of Burgaw NC and Philadelphia PA.

Dot's blood and her behavior typified PenderROCK.  She was born in Burgaw in 1920 to William Messick and Julia Jacobs.  Her father was the grandson of Henry Messick & Eliza Jacobs.  As the daughter of Anguish Jacobs and granddaughter of Taylor Jacobs, her mother was related to all of the Pender & Sampson County Jacobs.  Her sister was Nettie Messick.

Dot's father died when she was twelve and her mother followed the path of her sister, father, and aunts & uncles who married the Merritt family.  Julia Jacobs Messick married Oscar Merritt.  Oscar had previously been married to Minnie Jacobs, Julia's aunt and also had two girls -- Gladys and Mildred..  Now Julia was step-mother to her first cousins, and Dot' & Nettie had step-sisters/second cousins.  The relationship between the four girls remaind strong thoughout their lives.

Dot' continued PenderROCK tradition and married back into the clan.  She married Joe Sam Merritt -- her step-father's nephew, the son of Joe L. Merritt.  They had three children -- Junior, Josephine, Bernard.

In the 1940s, Joe Sam and Dot' helped form the PenderROCK Philadelphia community.  As millions of colored people moved from South to North for better jobs and less racism, PenderROCK people did, too.  However we tended to form strong clans in the new cities, and remained tightly linked to Burgaw and within the city up until the 1970s or so.  Many Merritts, Jacobs, Wheelers, Messicks, and Williams comprise the Philadelphia PenderROCK people.  Dot' was an early and long anchor for this group.  

Dot' "retired" back to Burgaw -- again, typical PenderROCK behavior -- and immediately began helping various family members and New Hope Baptist Church. 

Dot' has earned her rest.   PenderROCK honors her life and the pattern of strong-family that she both followed and set. 

We cannot (and would not) turn the clocks back to 1920 to be the PenderROCK people that our elders/ancestors were, but we hope that we can use their memory to carve out a new way to stay unified in these trying, divisive times.  We will remember Dot' Messick Merritt.



Georgia Williams Dash - October 27, 2010

Georgia Williams Dash passd away in Philadelphia PA this week.

Georgia was the daughter of Yancy Williams and Alice West -- both of PenderROCK ancestry.  Yancy was the son of Angus Williams & Polly Eakins.  Alice was the daughter of Everett West and Sarah Eliza Merritt.

James Dash, Georgia's son, has been a long-time supporter of PenderROCK.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.


Starlette Days - July 30, 2010

Starlette Days (1985-2010) was buried Wednesday. August 4, 2010 in Pender County NC in the Cypress Creek community that has housed her ancestors since the 1700's.

Starlette was the daughter of Teresa Matthews Days, and the granddaughter of Ruby Lee Merritt Matthews.  Her great-grandparents were McKinley 'Tink' Merritt and Blanche Jacobs Merritt.



Charity Merritt - June 25, 2010

Charity Merritt was released into eternity early this morning, June 25, 2010.

Cousin Charity attended all of the 2010 PenderROCK Reunion events -- in a reclined wheelchair.  She refused to let disability stop her indomitable spirit.  She was the widow of Cleven Merritt.  Her father-in-law was Willie Merritt. Willie Merritt was the son of Joe Louis Merritt and Minerva Walker.

Another reminder that we must do what we are led to do while we are here.  And love each other while we are here.  Tomorrow is not promised.

Pleaase keep in prayer her daughter, Carla Merritt, friend & caretaker Audrey Johnson, sister-in-law, Mozelle Merritt, and the host of nieces & nephews who loved Cousin Charity.


Fred Foster Williams - June 2010

Fred Foster Williams passed into reward the first week of June 2010.

Fred had felt compelled to come to the family reunion two weeks ago. He had not previously attended a PenderROCK reunion, but he called and stated that he wanted to come; asked if there was room left; and followed up several times to ensure that we received his registration.  He enlisted a firend to help him drive from Ohio; and he, his wife Maria, and R.D. Anderson, Jr. made the trek from Youngstown to DC.

Fred was visibly excited meeting many family members that he had not known.  And reconnecting with his first cousin, Lillie Jacobs Coleman, and second cousins Jessie Pinckney Moulton and Alice Pinckney Richburg.  Oddly, although he chatted with Donald Ray Walker, he and Terrance Walker did not recognize each other by sight although they had a long mail and phone relationship.  Donald/Tucker's mother/grandmother Mattie Smith Walker ("Rat"'s wife) was Fred first cousin. 

Like Terrance missing his cousin who was sitting in the very same room as him, the entire PenderROCK family feels a sense of "Hey! It's good to know you!"/"Hey! Where are you?"  A loss.  And a gratefulness for the opportunity to have had some interaction -- which we were blessed by.

Fred Foster Williams was the son of Fred Williams and Callie Jane Jacobs.  His grandparents were Riley & Henrietta Williams; Taylor Jacobs & Vandalia Williams.  Great-grandparents: William Henry Williams & Eliza Manuel; Mathew Jacobs & Eliza Manuel; Jim Williams & Celia Costin.

Black L E Phillips & Holden Funeral Home Inc
1951 Mcguffey Rd
Youngstown, OH 44505 Phone: (330) 744-7770



Johnnie Dudley April 6, 2010

Johnnie 'Skip' Dudley of Burgaw, NC died Tuesday, April 6, 2010, in Savannah, Ga.

Skip was the son of the late Major Dudley and Louise Williams Dudley.  His grandparents were Tobe Dudley & Gertrude 'Pinky' Jacobs, and Aaron Williams & Edith Jacobs.  Great-grandparents included Major Jacobs & Molcy Ann Jacobs, Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt.

The funeral will be at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Middle District Baptist Headquarters, Burgaw. Burial will be at the Brewington-Dudley cemetery, Willard.


Bereavement-Cousin Lorraine

In profound sorrow the West family announce the death of cousin Lorraine cousin Elvyn West's (the late Garland Scott & Esther West son) wife.   She passed away February 23, 2010, in Jamaica Queens, NY.   Please remember to keep cousin Elvyn's family in your prayers.   Funeral arrangement information for Cousin Loraine:

Elder Lorriane R. Devins St. Luke Church, 133-21 232 Street, Laurelton, N.Y. 11413
Thursday March 4, 2010, Wake:   5-7,  Funeral: 7-9

Yvette Goodwyn Branch (Walker)

Yvette Goodwyn Branch passed into peace yesterday morning, April 30, 2009 in Portsmouth, VA.

Yvette was the oldest of three children born to Frederick R. Goodwyn and Juliette Walker Goodwyn. Her grandparents were Joel Walker and Carrie Herring Walker.  Great-grandparents: James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker.

Although Yvette did not attend reunions, she was very much a part of both the North Carolina community and Tidewater VA community.  Even during her battle with illness, she often took her mother Juliette Walker Goodwyn home to see her 108 year old grandmother, Carrie Herring Walker. 

In VA, she was loved by both the PenderROCK community on her mother's side, and the large Goodwyn clan on her father's side.  Jimmy & Freddie Goodwyn had married cousins Daphine Jacobs and Juliette Walker.  In Tidewater, the two families are linked in spirit and in love.

In her short time here on Earth, Yvette was always upbeat.  Even on disability; even on a cane; through rounds & rounds of chemo and radiation; whether her hair had grown back or was gone again - Yvette was valiant, graceful and downright cheerful.  She leaves two heart-broken families a great example. 


David Jacobs - Jan 5, 2010

David Lucas Jacobs died on January 5, 2010.

David was the son of John Henry Jacobs and Lou Davis Merritt.  His grandparents were Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams, Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker.  He was married to the late Lillie Etta Walker, daughter of Pearlie Franklin Walker and Daisy Josephine Merritt.  

Although he had been housebound for quite some time, although he was not a 'reunion kind of guy', we will certainly miss David.  Genetically and personality-wise he exemplified the old-style of our PenderROCK grandparents and ancestors.  We are sad to see him go.

The wake will be this Saturday, January 9th at Dunn Funeral Home. The funeral will be held at New Hope Baptist church this Sunday at 2 pm.

The family is meeting at his daughter's house, Syliva Pigford, who cared for him in his last days. She is at 335 Rhyne Rd in Watha, NC. Her phone number is 910-259-xxxx should anyone want to call and pay their respects.


New Hope Baptist Church:
4134 Piney Woods Rd
Watha, NC 28478
Dunn Funeral Home:
810 W. Wilmington St.
Burgaw, NC 28425


Carl Calloway (Walker) - December 4, 2009

Carl Calloway, of Burgaw NC, died Friday December 4, 2009.  He was the son of the late Mae Ruth Walker Calloway and the late Lawrence Calloway.  His grandmother is elder Carrie Herring Walker.


Eric Moore (Wheeler) Sept 3, 2009

Eric Moore was the grandson of Jesse Moore and Agnes Hopson Moore, great grandson of Easter (Sweet) Wheeler Moore and the great great grandson of Jesse W. Wheeler and Sarah Lamb Wheeler.
Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Jun. 29, 1968
Departed on Sep. 3, 2009 and resided in Irvington, NJ.

Visitation: Saturday, Sep. 12, 2009

Service: Saturday, Sep. 12, 2009

Cemetery: Graceland Memorial Park 


Josephus West - August 8, 2009

Josephus West, of Sampson County NC, passed Saturday, August 8, 2009.

At ninety-two, Cousin Josephus was the elder of St. James Churh, the West Family Reunion, and the West-Mainors of Sampson County.

He was the son of Julius West; the grandson of James West and Mary Elizabeth Merritt West.  His great-grandparents were Alex West & Mary 'Polly' Rich; Malvin Merritt & Sarah Jane Williams.

Cousin Josephus was a great supporter of PenderROCK from the time he heard about us.  He would send a donation even when he could not attend.  He encouraged his relatives to attend our reunion, and supported the merger.  A generous and God-fearing man, he always saw 'the big picture'.

The wake is scheduled on Friday 8-14-09 at Rose Hill Funeral Home Chapel in Duplin County NC.  The funeral is Saturday 8-15-09 at 12:00 at St. James Disciple Church in Route 421 in Delway, Sampson County NC.

We will miss Josephus West.  He was a fine example of how to age gracefully and intelligently. 


Lloyd Bellamy, Jr.

Lloyd Bellamy, Jr died May 29, 2009 in Raleigh NC.  He was the son of Lloyd Bellamy, grandson of Blanche Walker Eakins Bellamy.  His great-grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West.


Harvey Lee Eakins [Walker] May 1, 2009

Harvey Lee Eakins, age 78, died Friday, May 1, 2009 at his residence. He was born Nov. 26, 1930 in Duplin County to the late Jessie and Nancy Hall Eakins.

He was employed with the Town of Burgaw for 38 years before retirement as head mechanic. He was a faithful trustee and member of St. John United Holy Church. Survivors include his wife, Minister Bertha S. Eakins of the home; a daughter, Brenda E. Melvin (William) of Willard; a son, Shawn Eakins of Wilson; a granddaughter, Nutricia Eakins and a great-grandson Tobias Eakins, both of Baltimore; a brother, James L. Eakins (Mildred) of Burgaw; five sisters, Edna Joyce Sanders of Raleigh, Annie Lois Williams of Burgaw, Mary E. Simpson and Carey E. Willis both of Castle Hayne, and Nancy L. Garris of Goldsboro; father-in-law Elder John Harvey Smith of Burgaw; and an aunt, Carrie Walker of Burgaw.

Harvey Lee was the grandson of Blanche Walker Eakins Bellamy; great-grandson of James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.


Lila Mae Herring Simpson

Lila Mae Herring Simpson, of the Philadelphia PenderROCK community, died last week in Pender County NC.

Lila Mae was the daughter of Jim Herring and Geneva Williams Herring. Her grandparents were Riley and Henrietta Williams.   Great-grandparents:  William Henry Williams and Eliza Manuel Williams.  Her daughter, Joyce, is the widow of Robert Jacobs -- son of Theat Jacobs of Pender County NC.


Diane Cannon [Wheeler] - November 8, 2008

Diane Cannon Mitchell passed on November 8, 2008.

She was the daughter of Eliza Cannon and great great granddaughter of Jesse Wheeler and Sarah Lamb Wheeler.

Funeral Services will be held at: New Liberation AME Church 3107 Hubbard Road Landover, Maryland 20785 Viewing - 9am - Saturday, November 15 Service - 10am - Saturday, November 15 Strickland Funeral Home is handling the arrangements 301-837-0001


Daryon Terrell Walker

Funeral Services for Daryon Terrell Walker,19, will be on Wednesday November 19th, 2008@ 1pm. Miracle Temple Deliverance Ministries,Burgaw.

Burial will be in the Walker Family Cemetery, Burgaw,NC.  Repast will follow.

Daryon is the son of Mrs. Aquanna(Tony) Walker Freeman; grandson of Mr. James Russell Davis,Sr. and Ms.C.Dianne Walker Davis; great grand son of Mr. Arthur Walker,Jr.  and Mrs. Gracie Davis

His great-great grandfather was Arthur Walker Sr.  His great-great-great grandparents James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker.


Hardy Ray Williams - Nov 11, 2008

Hardy Ray Williams, of Alexandria, Va and Sampson County, NC passed away this week.

He was the son of George Williams, grandson of Varice Williams and Addie Johnson.  His great-grandparents were Solomon Williams & Frances E. Jacobs, Titus Johnson & Mary West.  Mary West's parents were Jim West and Mary Elizabeth Merritt (sister of Joe Louis West, of Pender County's Merritt/Jacobs clan).

You see that Hardy had strong PenderROCK lineage.  He was also a dedicated family man.  Although his primary residence was in the DC area, he never forgot the Delway section of Sampson County, and spent a great deal of time there as long as his health allowed.  Since he retired, he developed a passion for getting to know his distant relatives.  He and his wife Bernice traveled the full East coast, meeting new relatives and carefully copying their photos to produce a visual record of the Williams/West family.

We will miss Hardy Ray Williams.

Funeral will be Tuesday, November 18, 2008 @ 2:00P/M. @ St. James Church of Christ in Del Ray, North Carolina, Highway 421 South.


Willie Lee Hansley [Jacobs, Walker] - Oct. 24, 2008

Willie L. Hansley Jr., 17, of Westside Villa, Apt. 302, Burgaw, died Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

He was the son of Kisha Jacobs and the grandson of Ellis Jacobs.  His great-grandparents were David Jacobs and Lillie Walker Jacobs. 

His great-great grandparents were Pearlie Walker & Daisy Merritt Walker, John Jacobs & Lenora Merritt Jacobs. 

Great-great-great:  James Franklin Walker & Ann Julia West Walker; Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker Merritt; Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams Jacobs.

The funeral was at Miracle Temple Ministries, Burgaw.  Burial at Moore's Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Currie.


Arthur Walker III ('Cannonball') 08-01-2008

Arthur Walker III 'Cannonball' of Walkertown passed on Friday, August 1, 2008.

Cannonball was the son of Arthur Walker, Jr. ('Rat') and Mattie Smith Walker.  He was the grandson of Arthur Walker, Sr. and Olive Louise Walker.  His great-grandparents were James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.

Wake - Tuesday August 5,2008 -7PM
Dunn Funeral Home
810 West Wilmington Street Highway 53-West
Burgaw, North Carolina.

Funeral Services - Wednesday, August 6,2008 2-pm
Middle District Baptist Association
1825 NC Highway 53 W
Burgaw, NC 28425

Interment - Walker Family Cemetery
Walkertown Community

Repast - Middle District Baptist Association
1825 NC Highway 53 W
Burgaw, NC 28425


Michael Lynn Manuel -- August 3, 2008

Michael Lynn Manuel, died Suday, August 3rd at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Michael was the nepew of Bertie Jacobs Boney, who reports his death.  Bertie has lost a brother (Charles Jacobs) and that brother's daughter (Beverly Jacobs Hawkins) in the past six months.  Please keep the Jacobs-Manuel family in your prayers.

His funeral will be held Thursday at Greenleaf Disciples Church. Hamilton Funeral Home of Goldsboro is entrusted with arrangements.


Major Dudley (Jacobs) July 19, 2008

Major Dudley passed Saturday, July 19, 2008 in Wilmington, NC.

Major was the son of Major Gertrude 'Pinky' Jacobs, grandson of Major Jacobs and Molcy Ann Jacobs Jacobs. Great-grandparents Talyor Jacobs & Catherine Williams, James Owen Jacobs & Octavia Williams.

Major was married to Louise Williams, daughter of Edie Jacobs Williams. Please keep Major, Louise, and their children in your prayers.



Willie David Walker - May 24, 2008

Willie David Walker of Horse Branch Road, Watha, passed on May 24, 2008.  He was three months short of 90. 

'Bill's wife, Ella, preceded him in death in August 2007.   His daughter Tanyia died in 2003.  All are interred in Joel Walker Cemetery near Burgaw. 

Bill was the son of the late Joel Walker and Carrie Herring Walker (living).  His grandparents were James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker; great-grandparents John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs, Isiaih West & Virginia Merritt West.


Eddie Jacobs Hospitalized June 2008

Eddie Jacobs, of Pender County, is in New Hanover County Hospital.  His niece is requesting prayer.

Eddie is the son of Mary 'Pete' Jacobs.  He is the grandson of  James Owen Jacobs and Octavia Williams Jacobs.  He is the spouse fo Elsie Jacobs.


Brent Henry (great-grandson of Carrie Herring Walker) 06-13-2008

Brent McKinley Henry, 35, of 1311 Bethel Church Road, Currie, died Friday, June 13, 2008, in New Hanover County. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Rosa Green Missionary Baptist Church. Burial will be at Bethel AME Church cemetery, Currie. Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw.
Published in the Star-News on 6/16/2008.

Brent was the son of the late Jimmy Walker, grandson of Virginia Walker Bannerman, great-grandson of Carrie Herring Walker.


Beverly Jacobs Hawkins - May 4, 2008

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. -- Beverly Jacobs Hawkins, 46, lovingly known by her family and friends as "Bev," of 6724 Mountain Lake Place, died Sunday at Southern Maryland Hospital, Clinton, Md. Her father, Charles Jacobs, preceded her in death. (March 2008)

Mrs. Hawkins is survived by her husband, Darryl Hawkins of the home; one son, Milton McClain of the home; two daughters, Jamisha Raymond and husband, William, Donisha McClain of Goldsboro, N.C.; her mother, Dorothy Jacobs of Goldsboro, N.C.; three sisters, Charlenna Bennett-Carter and husband, Edmund, of Goldsboro, N.C., Antoinette Ward and husband, Melvin, of Goldsboro, N.C., Nina Jacobs of Morrisville, N.C.; two brothers, Charles Jacobs Jr. of Waldorf, Md., Maurice Jacobs and wife, Shonise, of Goldsboro, N.C.; one brother-in-law, Eric Worrell of Jamaica Queens, N.Y.; four grandchildren; two uncles, Kennon Jacobs, Harvey Jacobs and wife, Shirley, of Goldsboro, N.C.; and one aunt, Bertie Jean Boney and husband, Steve, of Goldsboro, N.C.; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, May 8, 2008, at 1 p.m. from the Mount Zion Disciples Church, 323 Whitfield Ave., Goldsboro, N.C., with Apostle Tino Bell officiating. Burial will follow in the Wynn Family Cemetery, Dudley, N.C. A viewing will be conducted on Wednesday, May 7, 2008, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Hamilton Funeral Chapel, 423 S. James St., Goldsboro, N.C. Also, a wake will be held on Wednesday, May 7, 2008, at Hamilton Funeral Chapel from 6 to 7 p.m. with the family in attendance to receive other family members and friends.
At other times, the family will receive family and friends at the home of Charlenna Bennett-Carter located at 106 Eleanor Place, Goldsboro, N.C. 27534.
Cards, love-grams and condolences may be faxed to Hamilton Funeral Chapel at 919-735-4725 or e-mailed to Flowers and other gifts may be sent to Hamilton Funeral Chapel, Goldsboro, N.C.


Charles L. Jacobs, Sr. -- Mar 21, 2008


Charles Leon Jacobs Sr., 67, of 218 Herbert St. died Friday at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete with Hamilton Funeral Chapel.

Charles was the son of Harvey Jacobs, Sr. and Bertie Manuel; grandson of Charlie Oscar Jacobs and Geneva (Tiney) Williams. He was the great-grandson of Solomon Williams & Frances Emeline Jacobs Williams, great-great-grandson of William Henry Williams & Eliza Manuel Williams.

We have been delighted to re-connect with ‘Aunt Tiney’s descendants the past few years – after a generation of being apart.

Charles’ sister, Bertie Jacobs Boney, and first cousin Erthel Hines have been faithful PenderROCK attendees every since we found each other. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Della Jacobs Lawton -- Feb 23, 2008

Della Jacobs Lawton of 205 Major Jacobs Road, Burgaw, died Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008, at Pender Memorial Hospital.

The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Watha, NC.

Burial will be in the Major Jacobs Family Cemetery.

‘Dell’ was the daughter of Major ‘Babe’ Jacobs and Ella Tatum Jacobs. She was the granddaughter of Taylor Jacobs and Catherine Williams Jacobs.

Her great grandparents were Mathew Jacobs & Eliza Manuel Jacobs, and James & Celia Williams

She was the last child of Major Jacobs. Her last sister, Nora Jacobs, passed last year in June. And her last brother, John Wesley (Li’l Bud) Jacobs, passed in March 2007

Dell was at PenderROCK 2007.


Sadie Foskey - 01-16-2008

Sarah (Sadie) Foskey died January 16, 2008.
Daughter of Hattie Johnson

Granddaughter of Katie Herring
Great granddaughter of Mary Eliza Wheeler Herring

Friday January 18, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Barnes Sorrentino Funeral Home
539 Hempstead Ave.
West Hempstead, New York

Saturday January 19, 2008 10:00 am

Grace Lutheran Church of Malverne
400 Hempstead Ave.
Malverne, New York


Morris Eakins - 01-14-2008

Eakins, Morris, 69, of 207 W. Satchwell St., Burgaw, died Monday, Jan. 14, 2008, at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Arrangements will be announced by Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw.

Morris was the grandson of Blanche Walker Bellamy Eakins who was the daughter of Ann Julia West and James Franklin Walker.


Sabya Monike Jacobs -- 01-06-2008

Jacobs, Sabya "Mo," of 47 Murphytown Road, Burgaw, died Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Friday at St. Mary United Holy Church, Atkinson. Burial will be in Lewis Cemetery, Currie. Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw.
Wilmington 17-year-old charged in shooting death of woman

By David Reynolds
Staff Writer
Police arrested a 17-year-old boy on this afternoon in connection with the killing of Sabya Monike Jacobs, who was shot Saturday while sitting in a parked car on South Ninth Street.

Police arrested Dashon Marquez Davis in the Creekwood public housing development, according to a statement from Lucy Crockett, spokeswoman for the Wilmington Police Department.

Davis of 811 N. 30th St. faces one count of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Jacobs, a 20-year-old mother from Wilmington. He’s also charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Police said that about 10:45 p.m. Saturday, Jacobs and a man were sitting in a parked car in the 1100 block of South Ninth Street. A car circled the block, then pulled up beside them.

Police allege Davis stepped out of the second car and opened fire, hitting Jacobs at least once. The driver of the car that Jacobs was riding in rushed her to the emergency room at New Hanover Regional Medical Center where she died several hours later, about 2 a.m. Sunday, police have said.

This evening, Crockett said officers were still processing Davis’ arrest and that a bond had not been set. She declined to release further information.

The morning after the shooting, neighborhood residents said Jacobs was a good friend who was always willing to help others.

Other residents, who didn’t know her, said the fatal shooting was the first they’d seen near the 1100 block of South Ninth Street. Although tragic, they said the shooting didn’t surprise them given crime among young people in the city.

Sabya was adopted. Biologically, she was the granddaughter of Lizzie Mae Jacobs; great granddaughter of Meppie Jacobs; great-great granddaughter of Luke Jacobs & China Jacobs.


Mildred Eakins Smith -- 12-18-2007

Aged 53, of Bronx, N.Y., formerly of Bodenheimer Street, Burgaw, died Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007, at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx.

Funeral Services will be conducted on Sunday December 23, 2007 @ 2pm. St.John United Holy Church, Burgaw, NC.

Mildred is the daughter of James and Mildred Eakins.
James is the son of the late Jessie and Nancy Eakins.
Jessie was the son of Reverend Blanche Walker Bellamy Eakins, daughter of James Franklin & Ann Julia West Walker


Daisy Walker -- 10-25-2007

Daisy Walker, wife of Frank Walker, passed on Thursday October 25, 2007.

Daisy faithfully atttended PenderROCK Reunion for many years. We will miss her.

Frank is the son of Levy Walker and Lennie Moore Walker. He is the grandson of James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker; great grandson of John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs, Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt.

Daisy will be funeralized on Thursday November 1, 2207 @ 11am. St. John Holy Church,Burgaw N.C. Elder Devin Pickett Officiating.

Please keep Frank and his family in your prayers.


Patricia Walker Lisane -- 09/14/2007

Patricia Walker Lisane passed on Friday.

Patricia was the daughter of 'Tanna' Walker, the granddaughter of Arthur and Olive Walker; the great-granddaughter of James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.

Funeral will be Friday @ 3:00 PM at Miracle Temple Church in Burgaw, NC.


Vancy Walker, Jr. -- August 28, 2007

Vancy Walker, Jrof 638 Hardy Graham Road, Maple Hill, died Tuesday at home in Pender County, NC.

The funeral will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at Lee's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Maple Hill. Burial will be in Coy Lee Cemetery.

Vancy was the son of Vancy Walker; grandson of Randolph Walker; great0grandson of James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.


Gwen Jacobs Everette - August 30, 2007

Ara Gwendolyn Jacobs Everette died August 30 in Pender County NC.

Gwen lived with grace and courage these past few years; not yielding to sickness or distress, but only yielding to God's final call.

The funeral is Tuesday, Sept 4, 2007 at 1:00 PM at the Rose Hill Funeral Home; Rose Hill NC (Duplin County).

Gwen was the daughter of George W. Jacobs and Lummie Jones Jacobs; granddaughter of Anguish Jacobs and Hattie Merritt; great granddaughter of Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams, Joe L. Merritt & Minerva Walker.


Ella Walker - July 30 2007

Ella Walker passed early this week, in Burgaw NC.

Ella was the wife of Willie David (Bill) Walker, and the daughter-in-law of Carrie Walker and the late Joel Walker.

Funerll arrangements are being finalized.


Raymond Merritt - July 28, 2007

Raymond Merritt, son of the late Mary Helen (Branch) and James Curtis Merritt and grandson of New Hope Church’s longtime minister, the late Rev. Merritt (no relation to PenderROCK) passed unexpectedly on Saturday Night.

His PenderROCK grandparent was Annie Jacobs Branch Merritt; the wife of Dock Merritt.

Raymond was 53 years old and had just attended the reunion with his wife, Regina, in May 2007.

Viewing: Friday 4 PM-8 PM
Dunn Funeral Home

Funeral: Satuday 11AM


Lula Davis Irving (Wheeler) - July 2007

Cousin Lula Davis Irving passed this week. (July 2007)

She is the granddaughter of Jesse Wheeler and Sarah Lamb Wheeler. The
daughter of Aunt Sweet Wheeler. She was over 100 years old.

Graveside services will be held on Friday July 20, 2007 at 11:00 am.
(Masonboro Cemetery, Wilmington, NC).

Adkins-Drain Funeral Home, 515 South 8th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401 is
handling the arrangements. (910-763-7117)


Robin West

Robin West, daughter of Roosevelt & Benalee West, granddaughter of Garland Scoot West & Esther West; great-granddaughter of Garland West and Annie Bloodworth West was hospitalized last week.

Plese keep the family in your prayers.


Nora Jacobs Tatum 07-16-1923 - 06-06-2007

Nora Jacobs Tatum died on Thursday, June 6, 2007.

Funeral will be Friday at our ancestral church -- New Hope Baptist Church, Burgaw NC.

Nora was born in 1923 in Pender County NC to Major (‘Babe’) Jacobs and Molcy Ann Jacobs. Her grandparents were Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; and James Owen (‘Jim’) Jacobs & Octavia Williams.

Her brother, John Wesley (Li'l Bud) Jacobs predeceased her in March of this year.

Please keep Dell Jacobs Lawton, the last sibling, in your prayers.


Elnora Pigford Brown -- April 2007

Elnora Pigford Brown passed this week in Detroit, MI.

She was the daughter of Celia Jacobs and David Pigford.
She was the granddaughter of Taylor Jacobs and Catherine WilliamsJacobs.
Her great-grandparents were Matthew Jacobs & Eliza Manuel; Jim Williams and Celia Costin.

Swanson Funeral Home
806 East Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 923.1122

Viewing Tuesday May 1 3 - 9 PM
Family will receive visitors Wednesday, May 2 11:30 AM
Funeral Wednesday May 2, 12:00 noon


John Wesley (Li'l Bud) Jacobs -- Mar 1, 2007

John Wesley Jacobs (“Bud” “Li’l Bud”) died on Friday after several months of illness.
Funeral will be Saturday at 2:00 PM at our ancestral church -- New Hope Baptist Church, Burgaw NC.

Uncle Li’l Bud was born in 1908 in Pender County NC to Major (‘Babe’) Jacobs and Molcy Ann Jacobs.His grandparents were Taylor Jacobs & Catherine Williams; and James Owen (‘Jim’) Jacobs & Octavia Williams.

He married Lethia Jacobs, daughter of Anguish Jacobs & Hattie Merritt.
His children Leroy Jacobs and Avis Jacobs Griffin are active in the reunion.
His sisters, Nora and Dell are the last of this generation.

He was PenderROCK through and through! We will miss his gentle spirit.


Annie Ruth West Webb -- Feb 3, 2007

Annie Ruth West Webb passed on Sat. Feb 3rd at Sampson Memorial Hospital in Clinton, N C.
She was the granddaughter of Isaiah West, and the daughter of Robert and Viola West.
She resided in Salemburg, N C.

Please remember this family in your prayers and know that they are closely related to you, although you may not know them.

Walkers: Isaiah West was also the father of Ann Julia West Walker. Her mother was Virginia Merritt.
Ann Julia West and Robert West were half-siblings.
Annie Ruth was first cousin to Ann Julia’s children -- Blanche Walker, Arthur Walker, Lofton Walker, Annie Walker, …. etc.

Merritt/Jacobs: Viola West was the daughter of Gibson West and Malinda Merritt.
(Four West brothers married four Merritt sisters)
Virginia and Malinda Merritt’s brother was Joe Louis Merritt.
Annie Ruth was first cousin to Joe Louis Merritt’s children - Hattie Merritt Jacobs, Lenora Merritt Walker, Daisy Merritt Walker, Dock Merritt, Oscar Merritt, Willie Merritt, etc.


Andrew James 'Sweet' Jacobs (Jan 28, 2007)

Andrew 'Sweet' Jacobs passed January 28, 2007. He was born in Pender County NC on March 11, 1948. His father was William Curtis Jacobs; grandmother Mary 'Pete' Jacobs; great-grandparents James Owen Jacobs and Octavia Williams Jacobs.

Andrew "Sweet" Jacobs
Jacobs, Andrew 'Sweet,' of 2958 Whitestocking Road, Burgaw, died Monday at 8371 Pineywood Road, Watha. The funeral will be at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Lakes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Atkinson. Burial will be in Jacobs Cemetery, Watha. Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw.
Published in the Star-News on 2/2/2007.


Ivey James Jacobs (Jan 12, 2007)

Ivey James Jacobs passed the week of January 7th in Pender County NC.

'Ivey James' was the son of Ivey Jacobs; grandson of Major Jacobs & Catherine Jacobs Jacobs.

He was the husband of Hattie Lamb, daughter of William R. Lamb and Katie Jacobs Lamb.

The family has strong PenderROCK lineage and has lived in the Piney Woods section of Pender County and been members of the PenderROCK church -- Now Hope Baptist Church -- for generations.

We know that your prayers and God's grace will support them.

Funeral will be Friday, January 19th at 2:00 PM at New Hope Baptist Church in Pender County, NC.


Arthur Cleveland Holmes (10/30/2006)

Holmes, Arthur C., of 707 S. 14th St., died Monday at Lower Cape Fear Hospice & LifeCareCenter. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday at New Pike Creek AME Church. Burial will be in Burgaw Cemetery. Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw.

Arthur Cleveland Holmes was the husband of Emily Holmes, a faithful attendee of PenderROCK reunions.

He was the grandson of Lavinia 'Vine' Jacobs Bordeaux; the great-grandson of James Owen Jacobs and Octavia Williams Jacobs.


Lois Bellamy Shivers (Walker) - Oct 28, 2006

Lois Bellamy Shivers passed Thursday, Oct 28, 2006.

She was the daughter of the late Lloyd and Mable Bellamy and the granddaughter of Blanchie Walker Bellamy. Great-grandparents James Franklin Walker and Ann Julia West Walker.


Christine Walker Davis' Husband ....

On Sept 9, 2006 @ High Noon....Calvery Pentecostal Church, Delaware. Elder William Allen Davis will be consecrated to the office of BISHOP!. He will then be appointed Vice - Overseer of The Glorious Mount Sinai Holy Churches of America.

Bishop & Elder William A. Davis reside in Burgaw , N.C. and pastor in Snow Hill & East New Market MD.

Elder Marian Christine Walker Davis is the daughter of Arthur Walker,Jr. & the late Mattie Smith Walker

Decendants of Olive Louise & The Reverend Arthur Walker, Sr.
son of James Franklin & Ann Julia West Walker


Myrtle Mae Walker Judkins -- June 16, 2006

Sorry to report that Myrtle Mae Judkins passed away after a long illness yesterday (Friday June 16, 2006). She was the last living of three daughters born to Lofton Walker and Rosa Wheeler Walker. Aunt Myrtle's daughter, Joanne (Judkins) Weathers, and Billy are working on the arrangements. She & her husband, Reverend Bernard Weathers, live close by.

Please keep Joanne and her family and the extended family in prayer....I know "the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous...availeth much" (James 5:16).

Joanne's address:
140 Carolyn Ave
Colonia, NJ 07067-1824

F U N E R A L _ I N F O
First Baptist Church of Colonia
37 East Walnut Street
Colonia, New Jersey

Monday, June 19, 2006
7-9 pm at the church

Funeral Services
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
1:00 pm at the church

Funeral arrangements by Judkins Funeral Home, Plainfield, NJ

Mary F. Jacobs - May 10, 2006

Mary F. "Tootie"Jacobs, of 8377 Pineywood Road, Willard, died Wednesday (May 10, 2006) at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at Lakes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Atkinson. Burial will be in the Jacobs Family Cemetery. Dunn Funeral Home, Burgaw. (Wilmington-Star newspaper)

"Tootie" was the daughter of William Curtis Jacobs & Dorothy Fennell; the granddaughter of Mary E. "Pete" Jacobs; the great-granddaughter of James Owen "Jim" Jacobs & Octavia Williams Jacobs.


Dr. Lonnie Hayes, husband of Deloris Hayes - April 10, 2006

Deloris is the daughter of Lillie Walker Shaw of Burgaw.

Died April 10, 2006

The funeral for Dr. Lonnie Manchester Hayes Jr., 73, of 300 Lorease Drive, Dudley, will be held Thursday morning at 10 at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. The Rev. Kenneth Tate will officiate. Burial will be in Wayne Memorial Park.

Dr. Hayes died Monday.

He is survived by his wife, Dolores Shaw Hayes of the home; two daughters, Carolyn Hayes Artis of Goldsboro and Judith Hayes of Maryland; one son, Jeffrey Hayes of New Bern; one sister, Myra Hayes Edwards of Cary; and five grandchildren.

The viewing hours will be from 1 until 6 today at McIntyre Funeral Home and the family will receive friends there from 6 until 8 this evening.

Flowers are acceptable, or memorial contributions may be made to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Published in Obituaries on April 12, 2006 01:59 PM


Mother of Phyllis Hilliard: PenderROCK 2005 Picnic Host 3/21

Rev. Phyllis Hilliard lost her mother on Tuesday, March 21, 2006.
Her mother's name is Janice Thompson Wright.

PenderROCK 2005 attendees remember Phyllis -- daughter of Marvin 'Bobby' Walker, granddaughter of Arthur Walker Sr. -- as the exceptional host of the Sunday picnic at her home.

The wake is on Wednesday, March 29 from 7pm - 9pm.
The funeral is on Thursday, March 30 at 11:00am.

Both services are at Phyllis's church:
-- Cathedral International
-- 277 Madison Ave.
-- Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Please keep Phyllis and her family in prayer.


Nettie Ashley - Jan 2006

Nettie Messick Ashley passed last week in Philadelphia, PA.

Nettie was the daughter of William H. Messick and Julia Jacobs Messick.
She was the granddaughter of Thomas Messick & Clara Miller, Anguish Jacobs & Ada Bland.


Jesse L. Walker - Jan 11, 2006

Jesse L. Walker Jr. , Norfolk
Sunday, Jan. 15, 2006
©The Virginian-Pilot

Jesse Lee Walker Jr., 61, of the 3100 block of Westminster Ave., quietly and peacefully submitted to the final sleep Jan. 11, 2006, at Sentara Leigh Hospital. Jesse, affectionately known as "Redd," was born June 16, 1944, to the late Jesse Lee Walker Sr. and Edna M. Walker in Montgomery, Ala. Jesse was preceded in death by two sisters, Bessie M. Walker and Gloria D. Walker. He leaves to cherish his memory two sons, Shawn Montgomery of Mount Vernon, N.Y., and Jesse Lee Walker III of Painter, Va.; a daughter, Wanda Walker of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; two sisters, Verdell Highter and Bettie Walker Hayes of Norfolk; a brother, Willie Fred Deans; his loving nephews, Freddie L. Walker of Yancyville, N.C., and Andre L. Walker of Norfolk and Kenyatta Walker of Wise, Va. Emily Montgomery, mother of Shawn and Regina Johnson, mother of Jesse L. III and most precious of all, a granddaughter, Cherese Chanta Montgomery of Fayetteville, N.C.; and a host of cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m. at Graves Funeral Home chapel, Norfolk. Interment will be at Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery, Suffolk.

Jesse was the grandson of John Lee Walker and Hattie Bessie Messick. His great-grandparents were James Franklin Walker & Ann Julie West Walker, and Joe Jacobs & Margaret Messick.
Great-great grandparents:
--John D. Walker & Lucy Jane Jacobs
--Isaiah West & Virginia Merritt
--______Jacobs unknown____
--Henry Messick & Eliza Jacobs


Jimmy Merritt - Dec 12, 2005

William J. (Jimmy) Merritt Sr., of Temple Hills, Md., formerly of Freeman, N.C., a retired MPDC Police Lieutenant, departed this life on Thursday, December 15, 2005, at 12:25 p.m. At the time of his passing he was a patient at the Washington Hospital Center.

Jimmy is survived by his devoted wife of 41 years, Edna S. Merritt; two sons, William Jr. and Peter; one daughter-in-law, Rita; three grandchildren, Monique, Nicole and William III; one sister, Elizabeth Hollis; mother-in-law, Mary E. Shaw, and father-in-law George P. Shaw. Funeral services will be held at Hillcrest Baptist Church, Temple Hills, Md., on Thursday December 22, 2005 at 12:25 p.m.
--Washington Post

Jimmy was the son of 'Bud' and Beatrice Merritt; grandson of Willie Merritt and Maggie Mitchell Merritt of Bolton. NC. His great-grandparents were Joe Louis Merritt & Minerva Walker Merritt.