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Slavery in North Carolina
1807, An Act Concerning Slaves and Free Persons of Color
1829, David Walker’s Appeal, Wilmington NC
This pamphlet, published by free colored David Walker, frightened White establishment all over the nation and resulted in a crackdown on slaves and free persons of color.
Harriet Jacobs was the author of ‘Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl’. Although her family lived in NC and became free persons of color, they lived in the Albemarle section, Chowan County, the town of Edenton. Her maternal grandmother and mother were descended from a White planter in South Carolina. Her father was named Daniel Jacobs or Elijah Jacobs. He was a slave nearby, and was probably the son of a local White farmer named Henry Jacobs. The story Harriet’s family – including abolitionist brother John S. Jacobs – is important to understanding NC, slavery, light-colored slaves, and free persons of color, but these Jacobs are not related to the PenderROCK Jacobs’.
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Harriet Brent Jacobs
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John S. Jacobs, NC-born Abolitionist, Speech April 20, 1849
John S. Jacobs, 'A True Tale of Slavery'
Junkanoo: An African-based Festival celebrated in Caribbean and by North Carolina slaves


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