Jesse Wheeler Cemetery

Rhynes Crossroads Community

West of Burgaw NC on Piney Wood 


This cemetery is on Piney Wood Road, past New Hope Baptist Church going towards Hwy 421, on the left.  It is on the Love Grove tract of land that developers bought, partitioned and sold in the early 1900s. Jesse Wheeler's descendants are the only family still living on their original tract purchased in 1911.

The current graves date from the 1960s.  Some elders remember that Jesse Wheeler's original house and cemetery were set back from the road -- in what is now woods.  This is likely the resting place of Jesse Wheeler, his wife, and older children.  His 1928 death certificate says buried at 'Long Creek'.  His son-in-law Henry Williams was the informant.  There was and is no cemetery named 'Long Creek Cemetery'.  True, the Rhynes Crossroads community has never been called 'Long Creek' -- it is understood that Long Creek is a different nearby neighborhood.  However: Jesse Wheeler lived on Rhynes; his son-in-law (who lived and died on Jesse's land) was handling the arrangements; and current maps show the Long Creek ending on the south side of Piney Woods Road between the crossroads and New Hope Baptist Church.  This researchers believes the term "Long Creek" was applied to Jesse's gravesite on Rhynes because it was near the creek.


TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1970Ada Wheeler Messick1893-1970Daughter of Jesse W. Wheeler & Sarah Lamb
 ?Evie Messick1889-?Husband of Ada Wheeler
 1980Katie Wheeler Williams1898-1980Daughter of Jesse W. Wheeler & Sarah Lamb
 1964Henry N. Williams1892-1964Husband of Katie Wheeler