Hattie Merritt Jacobs Cemetery

Cypress Creek
Messick Road near Burgaw NC


This cemetery is on the old homestead of the Jacobs.  The land on Cypress Creek belonged to Matthew Jacobs, inherited from his father Primus Jacobs.  Matthew's son, Taylor, became the elder of the Pender County Jacobs after many of the clan left to join their Sampson County cousins in reconstituting the Coharie Indian Tribe of Sampson during the late 1800s.  Taylor Jacobs passed the land to his sons, but it appears that son Anguish was the one who remained on the property. 

This cemetery began with the burial of Anguish's widow, Hattie Merritt Jacobs.  Her husband's gravesite at the Old Jacobs Cemetery was lost to the woods when she died in 1966.  She was interred on the homestead.  Her daughters and grandchildren followed.


TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1966Hattie Merritt Jacobs1888-1966Wife of Anguish Jacobs. Daughter of Joe L. Merritt & Minerva Walker.
 1970Annie Jacobs Merritt Branch1895-1970Step-daughter of Hattie. Daughter of Anguish Jacobs first marriage
 1966Earl Ray Merritt1945-1966Grandson of Annie Jacobs Merritt. Son of Tink Merritt & Blanche Jacobs.
 1971Lethia Jacobs1913-1971Daughter of Anguish & Hattie Jacobs
 2007John Wesley "Li'l Bud" Jacobs1908-2007Husband of Lethia Jacobs
 2021Leroy Jacobs1938-2021Son of Li'l Bud & Lethia Jacobs
 2022Tina J. Herring1970-2022Granddaughter of Lydia Jacobs Herring. Daughter of 'Buddy Boy'
 1988Katie Jacobs Lamb Bordeaux1909-1988Daughter of Anguish & Hattie Jacobs
 1992Quincy Lamb1928-1992Son of Katie Jacobs Lamb
 1981Martha Lamb Newkirk1930-1981Daughter of Katie Jacobs Lamb
 1994James Liston Newkirk1928-1994Husband of Martha Lamb Newkirk
 2016Hattie Lamb Jacobs1932-2016Daughter of Katie Jacobs Lamb
 2007Ivey James Jacobs Jr1925-2007Husband of Hattie Lamb Jacobs
 1972James Henry Jacobs1952-1972Son of Hattie & Ivey James Jacobs
  Lillie Mae Jacobs Whitehead1951-Daughter of Hattie & Ivey James Jacobs
 1980Herbert Whitehead1969-1980Son of Lilliie Mae Jacobs Whitehead
 2000Edie Jacobs Bryant1915-2000Daughter of Anguish & Hattie Jacobs
 1975Viola Jacobs Herring1915-1975Daughter of Anguish & Hattie Jacobs
  Willie Mae Herring1945-?Daughter of Viola Jacobs & Joe Ed Herring
 1983Harry Lee Herring1939-1983Son of Viola Jacobs & Joe Ed Herring
 1995Lydia Jacobs Herring1925-1995Daughter of Anguish & Hattie Jacobs
 2015George C. Herring1947-2015Son of Lydia Jacobs & John Quincy Herring
 2000James T. 'Buddy Boy' Herring1944-2000Son of Lydia Jacobs & John Quincy Herring
 2010Lena Grace Herring1942-2012Daughter of Lydia Jacobs & John Quincy Herring
 2021Tonya Herring1985-2021Granddaughter of Lydia Jacobs & John Quincy Herring. Daughter of Stacy.