McKinley Merritt Cemetery

Cypress Creek

north side of Shiloh Road


At the death of McKinley 'Tink' Merritt, a new cemetery was started in the Cypress Creek community.

'Tink' was the son of Dock Merritt and Annie Jacobs Merritt Branch.  His father is in the Old Merritt Cemetery.  His mother is in the Hattie Merritt Jacobs Cemetery there on Cypress.  'Tink' was interred on his own property in Cypress Creek, on Shiloh Road.  His wife, Blanche Jacobs Merritt was laid beside him ten years later.

(For more explanation of this family's relationships see An Analysis of Marriage Patterns in PenderROCK)



TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1994McKinkely 'Tink' Merritt1914-1994Son of Dock Merritt & Annie Jacobs Merritt
 2004Blanche Jacobs Merritt1913-2004Wife of McKinley Merritt. Daughter of Major & Molcy Jacobs
 2012Flossie Jacobs Hayes Dewar1933-2012Daughter of McKinley & Blanche Jacobs Merritt
 2012James McKinley 'Nunnie' Merritt1942-2012Son of McKinley & Blanche Jacobs Merritt
 2014Lizzie Merritt Corbett-2014Daughter of McKinley & Blanche Jacobs Merritt
 2010Starlette Days1985-2010Great granddaughter of McKinley Merritt, Grand of Ruby Lee Merritt.