Herring-Walker Cemetery

Rhynes Crossroads Community

West of Burgaw NC at Piney Wood & Horse Branch Road


This cemetery is on the old homestead of Arthur C. Herring and wife Annie Walker Herring.  Their three daughters are buried there, along with spouses.  Daughter Lula  Herring Murphy has all of her children buried there, as well.  Arthur Herring's mother, Rachel, is interred in the cemetery.

Arthur and Annie raised his nephews and nieces, and her nephews and nieces.  Several of them are interred here.  Arthur's niece, Carrie, married Annie's brother, Joel.  That family lived on the next farm, and they have their own cemetery there.

There are many lost graves of infants that are only know through oral tradition.  Arthur and Annie lost a son in infancy.  His grave is certainly there.   Carrie Herring Walker lost four children in infancy.  Mae Rith Walker Calloway lost at least one child.  Those graves are in the Herring/Walker Cemetery as well -- unmarked and lost.  Fred Walke's grave is unmarked and unadorned.  It is to the right of Hugh Lester Walker. 

One has to wonder how many other unmarked Herrings lie here. Rachel inherited this land from her father.[1]  This was the start of the Arthur Herring estate. Rachel's parents, David and Harriet, and her brothers, George and John David (great great grandfather of Michael Jordan) lived in close proximity in this area -- probably on land that their father split between them. It is likely that several of them are buried in this cemetery.

[1] Oral history?  Found no deed to support David Herring owning land.  However, in 1897 Rachel and her oldest son, Isaiah, were given land by Morris Collins, the elder brother of Arthur Herring's father.  Isaiah deeded this to Arthur when he came of age, 1905. The Collins had inherited Rhynes Crossroads land from their ancestors, the Cowans. 



TokenBurial YearNameBirth-DeathRelation
 1922Rachel Herring1852-1922Mother of Arthur, Isaiah, Julia, Florence
 1922John David Herring1862-1922Brother of Rachel. Death certificate says buried at Rhynes Crossroads. Lost grave.
 1963Arthur C. Herring1885-1963Son of Rachel Herring & G.W. Collins
 1975Annie S. Walker Herring1886-1975Wife of Arthur Herring. Daughter of J. Frank Walker & A.J. West
 1967Lula Herring Murhpy1908-1967Daughter of Arthur & Annie (Walker) Herring
 1980Judd Murphy1905-1980Husband of Lula Herring
 1953Herbert 'Jack' Murphy1928-1953Son of Lula Herring Murphy & Judd. Killed in Korean War.
 1979James Arthur Murphy1926-1979Son of Lula Herring Murphy & Judd
 2003Cicero Murphy1931-2003Son of Lula Herring Murphy & Judd
 1934Annie Loretta Murphy1933-1944Daughter of Lula Herring Murphy & Judd
 1986Mamie Herring Jacobs1910-1986Daughter of Arthur & Annie (Walker) Herring
 2002Willie H. Jacobs1907-2002Husband of Mamie Herring
 2013Lethia V. Jacobs Towns1929-2013Daughter of Willie & Mamie Jacobs
 2011Henry 'Hank' Towns1922-2011Husband of Lethia Jacobs
 1998Lethia Herring Frederick1912-1998Daughter of Arthur & Annie (Walker) Herring
 1967Fred Walker1900-1967Brother of Annie Walker Herring. Unmarked grave (next to Hugh L. Walker)
 1981Hugh Lester Walker1923-1981Nephew of Annie Walker Herring
 1981Charles J. 'C.J.' Herring (Tate)1910-1981Nephew of Arthur Herring. Son of Julia Herring
 1949Eddie Henry Tate1913-1949Nephew of Arthur Herring. Son of Julia Herring
 1963Lila Mae Tate1915-1963Niece of Arthur Herring. Son of Julia Herring
 2023Willie Samuel Jacobs1934-2023son of Willie & Mamie Jacobs